Our season runs from October through March and comprises around 25 concerts, ranging from solo piano, violin and classical guitar recitals, through string quartets, to orchestra and opera.


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2016/2017 Concert Schedule

Venues and Seating

All photographs from concerts are located here in chronological order: Event Photography



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Our Patrons’ and Members’ are the lifeblood of Pro Musica.  Your subscriptions make our world class season of concerts and opera possible, as well as funding our extensive education outreach programs.  In return we provide benefits for you which are second to none. These include an Artists Supper/Cocktail after nearly every concert and, from as little as US$500 per season, you have reserved and named seats for every concert.   With the ever increasing costs of artists fees, and to provide an efficient customer service process, we need new members, and existing members  to upgrade, to maintain the quality of our concerts and the concert going experience.

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