House a musician

Get to know the musicians by having one or more stay at your house during their concert weekend with us.   Many of our Patrons make lifelong friendships with the artists this way and it is a great opportunity to become more involved with the music and those who play it.  In return for the accommodation we give you free concert tickets.

Host a supper or a cocktail party

We hold a supper or cocktail party after every concert in private homes for 20-40 people when our Patron Members mingle with the artists in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.  These are wonderful opportunities to socialize, meet fellow music lovers and get to know the musicians.  Sometimes they even play something after a supper!  In return for your hosting  we give you free concert tickets with reserved seats.

Become an active volunteer

We need reliable volunteers to be involved in organizing and staging our concerts.  We are conscious that most of you are busy people and Pro Musica has a variety of tasks, big and small, to suit your time availability.  Advertising sponsorships must be gathered, promotional materials distributed, musicians transported, and a hundred other tasks performed behind the scenes to make each season a success.  We currently have vacancies in many areas and particularly for the committee organizing the suppers and cocktail.  If you have some free time on your hands, and would like to get involved, let us know by emailing