Pro Musica has established full scale opera as a vital part of the musical scene in San Miguel.  The next stage is to bring in a chamber orchestra to play for the opera.  Because of extensive rehearsals, this is an expensive business.  We are looking for a principal, or sole, sponsor to make this possible and we need to raise at least US$10,000 per season for this purpose.  If you would like to discuss possibilities for sponsoring the orchestra in this way, or the opera itself, contact Michael Pearl, our President, at promusicasma@aol.com.

Concert Hall

San Miguel needs a small concert hall, customized for classical and other musical performances.  This would ideally seat up to 500 people and have dressing rooms and front of house space.  It need not be purpose built, as acoustic engineering can make most spaces suitable for performance needs.  We are looking for such a space and for major sponsors to fund it.  If you are willing to make a major donation for this purpose, whether cash, land or a building, or have any suggestions, or want to be involved in the fundraising for, or administration of, this project, contact our President, Michael Pearl, at promusicasma@aol.com.