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Atlanta Chamber Players Return after 8 Years for Two Pro Musica Concerts

The Atlanta Chamber Players will return to San Miguel for two Pro Musica concerts after 8 years. This spectacular ensemble  bring with them a unique combination of wind and brass instruments, and piano, and will perform a wide variety of mesmerizing music on Thursday & Friday, January 31 & February 1, 2019 at 5:00 pm at St. Paul’s Church on Calle Cardo.


The Atlanta Chamber Players are musicians at the top of their profession, most of them occupying the first desks in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  This illustrious ensemble, now in its 40th year,  pioneers exciting styles and techniques in chamber music and is widely respected throughout the U.S. From traditional masterpieces to contemporary classics, their overriding mission is to present great works, both familiar and unfamiliar, played with impeccable precision and flair.  Director of the APC, and pianist of the ensemble, Elizabeth Pridgen, has worked extensively with Pro Musica President Michael Pearl to put together two different programs of the most outstanding music for these instruments.


On Thursday, listeners will delight in Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, and more. Like jazz, the great romantic composers improvised, and Beethoven was no exemption, playfully styling and re-styling his luscious Opus 16 Quartet for piano and winds before completing the written version "to the embarrassment of the other players, but to the delight of the listeners".  Schumann composed his famous Fantasy Pieces in two days of intense inspiration which capture the changing moods and personalities of its subjects. The stunning Brahms Horn Trio is one of the great masterworks of writing for winds with its combination of violin, piano and horn. While you could expect the horn to be overpowering, Brahms wrote for the forest horn, which has no valves. In order to create the imagined sound, the player inserts their hand into the bell creating a pure, soft tone.


On Friday, we will enjoy works by, Bartók, Mozart and Herzogenberg, among others. Whilst the name may be unfamiliar, we can assure you Herzogenberg’s gorgeous piece of romantic writing is totally delightful with its alluring combination of oboe, horn and piano. The composer was a dear friend of Brahms, and his wife studied piano under Brahms, until the lessons were ended because they were in danger of falling in love! Bartok composed Contrasts with jazz and Benny Goodman in mind, so expect syncopated rhythms! Mozart’s exquisite quintet for piano and winds is a timeless audience favorite. An unparalleled wind composer, this was his first wind composition with piano. Two days after its première, he wrote, "I myself consider it to be the best thing I have written in my life."


Tickets for the concerts at St. Paul’s are $150, $350 and $450 pesos donation each, and are on sale through our website with no booking fee, at the Bookshop  in the Biblioteca Pública; Solutions, Recreo 11 , and at the concert 45 minutes before performance time.